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With all the hubbub (such a fun word to say...even to type...) over the Vince McMahon interview tonight, I thought it appropriate to take a few moments and discuss the 3 hour opening act known as Monday Night RAW. WWE.com claims that tonight's show is "Cyber Monday", which obviousl...read more
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CM Punk, you've found away to once again be the most relevant person in WWE, without being a member of it's Roster. Tonight after RAW, Vince McMahon will appear on Stone Cold Steve Austin's Podcast. With CM Punk recently taking to Colt Cabana's Podcast to finally get his side of the sto...read more
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Seems like the vast majority of the NAI-borhood has some strong opinions on the WWE's Hall of Fame. I love that. Your passion is what makes wrestling fun. So, let's move slightly off topic. 2015 Hall of Fame. Who do ya got?
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NAI wants to thank YOU for checking out NewAgeInsiders.com. This site is still evolving, but we're overwhelmed by your support so far. Fan Topics & Submissions, Original Video Content, & a Whole Lot More are coming soon. Be a part of the Future, tell us what YOU would like on NewAgeI...read more
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Reports State Ryback vs Triple H was planned, and was considered for something as High Profile as the Royal Rumble. The latest backstage says that is now unlikely, as Ryback is still viewed as working stiff. PCW (Preston City Wrestling) Champion and Top Indy Prospect Uhaa Nation is rumored ...read more
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Phil Brooks. You son of a gun. Only the man who held WWE’s Title for 434 days could make Dolph Ziggler’s emergence, Sting, and even Thanksgiving take a back seat in the mind’s of Wrestling Fans. For those who have been living in a cave on Neptune for the past few days, welcome back to Earth. Oh,...read more
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There is a world out there, a world that is much larger than WWE and Vince McMahon would lead you to believe. Now I know you are sitting there and are in one of two camps. The first is one that thinks I just told you the world was round. The second camp is one who knows this world and has ...read more
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This is DC Matthews and I am ‘The Teacher’. Now, that title is not just a clever moniker I picked up so that I could have some themed blog posts, folks; it is my avocation. It is, to quote Mr. Henry, “What I do!” I own two diplomas (though to be honest, I have no earthly idea where they are)...read more
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Up until Thursday morning, when CM Punk broke the Internet, the wrestling world was all a-flutter due to the Man Called Sting FINALLY making his first WWE appearance. Boy, did he do so in grand style, too. Even to a relatively new fan who may have never seen a WCW event, it was a big moment, a...read more
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It was shortly after PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles that I noticed the rumors of Ring of Honor being upset with the working relationship between their talent and the popular independent wrestling scene. It was in the first round of PWG’s annual three-day tournament that Michael Elgin, ROH’s World C...read more
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It’s finally happening, and the wrestling world is ablaze! On December 11th, as part of NXT’s latest special, TakeOver: R Evolution, independent wrestling megastar Kevin Steen will make his WWE debut as Kevin Owens. This will complete the trio of highly anticipated NXT debuts, following KENTA, w...read more
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My Name, is Jason Moltov They say if you love what you do, it will never feel like work. For the last year & ½, I have had the privilege of proving just how true that theory is. For those who are new to us at NAI, I extend our most sincere welcome. Allow me to tell you what we’re all...read more
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I am Liam Stryker, you know who I am and you know why I’m here. For those of you who have fallen down the rabbit hole of the internet and have made it to our fine website for the first time, welcome. I am one half of the New Age Insiders, along with Jason Maltov we have spent the better part of ...read more
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“Is he the third man!?” shrieked a voice from the television. I scanned the room to see only one shocked face after another. At nine years old, I was too young to stay at home that night and was taken along by my mother to her co-worker’s dinner party. A wrestling show had been on in the backgro...read more
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I was never a big sports fan. When I played T-Ball (or, to be more factually accurate, when I sat on the bench and watched the other kids play T-Ball), I had no earthly idea what I was doing. When it came time to fill out the back of my baseball card, I named the Boston Red Sox as my favorit...read more
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Welcome to newageinsiders.com the official home of the New Age Insiders. We have designed this site to be the first last and only stop in the world of Professional Wrestling. For those of you who stumbled upon this site for the first time, the New Age Insiders Started as two college friends who ...read more
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